Friday, March 1, 2002

Letter form PeachStar Education Services Director

Dear Educator:

PeachStar was created in 1994 to provide quality educational programming to Georgia's public schools. Until recently, PeachStar's programs were solely delivered by a large statewide satellite network. In October of 2001, PeachStar was proud to launch its video streaming website. In addition to its satellite service, PeachStar now offers an extensive library of videos and video segments that are delivered via the Internet.

Recently, PeachStar Education Services has been contacting each media specialist, via phone, in your county to introduce a new addition to PeachStar's programs and services - video streaming. During the phone call, each media specialist is given his or her school's user ID and password and a brief phone tour of the video streaming website.

Currently, the video repository contains 10,000 QCC-correlated videos and video segments. PeachStar's video streaming site is a free resource for Georgia public schools. Each user is able to stream videos and video segments directly from the computer or download them onto a CD, zip disk, or the computer.

The Technology Coordinators and Media Specialists for each county have been notified of this service and have been given a list of technical requirements. If you have any questions or if your school has not yet received its username and password, contact Sara Dempsey at (404) 685-2538.


C. Blaine Carpenter, Ph.D.
Director, Education Services