Friday, February 7, 2003

New Team Members Mean New Talent for PeachStar Education Services

Over the past several months, PeachStar has been pleased to welcome several new staff members to our team and we would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to each of them and let you know what each has to offer you as a Georgia educator!

Michelle Elliot - Education Project Manager
Michelle comes to us from the DeKalb County schools, where she was a fourth grade teacher, and serves in the role of Elementary Education Project Manager. In addition to bringing PeachStar her experience as a classroom teacher, Michelle also offers the knowledge gained through her Master's Degree in school counseling. In her new role at PeachStar, Michelle is responsible for evaluating Pre K-5 program service needs, recommending program priorities, identifying programs to acquire or produce to meet those priorities, managing original programming, and creating professional development. Additionally, she will use her knowledge in school counseling to serve the areas of guidance counseling and character education for grades Pre K-12.

Elliott McElroy - Research and Advancement Team Leader
Elliott came to PeachStar from the University System of Georgia, where he served as both a faculty member and administrator for a number of years. At PeachStar, Elliott is responsible for facilitating the research, development, and implementation of a comprehensive plan to enhance and extend the utilization of PeachStar's programming and services. He works with other PeachStar staffers to develop the PeachStar Annual Survey, which allows us to use feedback from the teachers and media specialists we serve to optimize our services, and maintains our database of email addresses to allow us a quick and efficient way to share important news with educators across the state.

Laura Miller - Ready To Learn Consultant
Laura has a background in English and Education and has experience working in various educational settings within the K-12 arena. At WGBH in Boston, Laura served as a member of the team that piloted Ready To Learn (RTL), public broadcasting's answer to the call for all children to begin school ready to learn. She continues her work with Ready To Learn here at PeachStar, where she shares the RTL message with parents and caregivers across the state of Georgia through workshops designed to teach TV literacy and the ways in which educational television can be used to supplement reading activities.

Barbara O'Brien - Fine Arts Education Project Manager

Barbara has served in the fine arts education community as a teacher, choreographer, dance educator, arts administrator, arts education consultant, and artist-in-residence. Her experience in Atlanta includes work with the Fulton County Arts Council, the High Museum, and Young Audiences of Atlanta. At PeachStar, Barbara will bring focus to Georgia's fine arts curriculum, integrate arts into PeachStar's programming efforts, and provide support services for Georgia teachers in the area of fine arts.

Jeff White - High School Project Manager
Jeff has a background in chemistry and education and has served as a high school science teacher in both the public and private school setting. Additionally, he administered professional development to Georgia Teachers through the UGA Technology Training Center. At PeachStar, Jeff serves as high school project manager with a focus on science and math. He is currently overseeing PeachStar Classroom, a PeachStar initiative that brings credit-bearing chemistry and physics classes to Georgia high school students. Jeff also participates in teacher trainings designed to familiarize educators across the state with PeachStar's programming and services.

Be sure to take advantage of the opportunity to work with these outstanding new additions to the PeachStar team as well as those team members you have come to know over the last several years. You can find contact information for each member of the PeachStar staff on the inside back cover of every issue of Pipeline.

Wednesday, February 5, 2003

Ready To Learn Is Ready To Grow!

This January, Georgia Public Broadcasting and Ready To Learn was pleased to bring you several exciting new children's programs. You've gotten familiar with the spectacularly tiny George and seven monsters of #1234567 Chestnut Street through the Bookworm Bunch, but now that they have their own shows, it's really their time to shine! Plus, 40 years after The Berenstain Bears books first delighted young readers, we're bringing them to the small screen to teach a new generation of learners.

George Shrinks features a young boy named George, who at three inches tall, really understands the challenges and benefits of being small. Facing the world from his particular vantage point, George quickly learns the importance of self-acceptance and the necessity of finding creative ways to overcome obstacles. In addition to teaching children these important lessons in self-esteem and perseverance, George Shrinks also includes an engaging introduction to a wide array of science topics, including biology, botany, entomology, and ecology. Look for George Shrinks on Sundays at 7:30 AM.

George is in good company as he launches his new show with One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven that crazy bunch known as the Seven Little Monsters. This series, created by well-known children's author Maurice Sendak, examines the dynamic of this extraordinary family and helps to teach children the basic morals and values necessary for establishing positive relationships with others. Seven Little Monsters also introduces children to the basic concepts of letters, numbers, colors, sequences, and directions. See what these kooky creatures have to teach you and your children weekdays at 1:30 PM.

As a special treat, Seven Little Monsters will be airing in conjunction with The Berenstain Bears, a new series based on the series of books famous for its commitment to traditional community values and family life. This series, featuring Mama, Papa, Brother, and Sister bear as they face everyday challenges, helps young viewers to learn about key family roles and relationships through the development of socio-emotional competence. Specifically, The Berenstain Bears encourages children to make thoughtful, informed, and responsible choices and decisions. Be sure to tune into and see what important lessons your family can learn these furry friends from Bear Country.

The launch of these three great new children's programs underscores the importance of the social and emotional growth of young viewers to all of us at PBS and Georgia Public Broadcasting. We hope you continue to rely on us as a safe and valuable source for children's educational programming.

Celebrate Engineering Week with PeachStar

Imagine a day without running water, or electricity, or paved roads, or phones, or computers, or air conditioning. Engineers are responsible for designing the systems that deliver these conveniences to our every day lives. People seldom think of what is required for these components of our modern society to actually work. You turn on the faucet and clean water flows from the tap. You flip the wall switch and the lights come on. In both cases, the consumer is at the very end of very big and complex systems that have been engineered by a vast array of technical experts. The engineering profession is one that affects us all, and our society's continued growth and prosperity depends on teachers encouraging students to consider engineering as a career.

National Engineers Week ("E-Week") is February 16-22, 2003. The mission of E-Week is "to promote the engineering disciplines to students and to help expand public recognition of the engineering profession." This week-long celebration was founded in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers. This year, more than three million engineers, teachers, and students nationwide will participate in various educational activities. The Georgia Engineers Week Committee and PeachStar Education Services want to make sure you have access to the many materials and resources available in conjunction with this event.

Traditionally, women have been underrepresented in the ranks of engineers. With support from IBM, Georgia's E-Week Committee will host the Introduce a Girl to Engineering luncheon for middle school girls with an aptitude for math/science and an interest in engineering. Women engineers will join these girls at the luncheon to talk about their careers. Teachers may nominate their students by contacting the Georgia Engineering Center (see below).

PeachStar will be airing The Invisible World: Bridgemakers, a 20-minute show highlighting the role of engineers in everyday life on Channel 420 at the following dates and times:

11 AM, Tues., 02/11
7:30 AM, Tues., 02/18

To find out more about how your school can participate in Engineers Week and receive free materials, check for updates on PeachStar or contact Jamie Collins with the Georgia Engineering Center at 404-521-2324 or visit

Sunday, February 2, 2003

Turning the Page With Georgia Public Radio

We often share with you news about relevant programming that airs on GPTV, Georgia Public Broadcasting's statewide television network; did you know that GPB also has a state-wide radio network? Georgia Public Radio (GPR) offers a number of programs that may have relevance in the classroom, especially for high school and post-secondary students.

One of the locally-produced GPR radio shows you should be sure to check out is Cover To Cover, GPR's award-winning radio book club showcasing Georgia writers. Since the show premiered in 1998, host St. John Flynn has used his expertise in literature to select for discussion a well-balanced menu of works of fiction and creative non-fiction that represent a variety of styles, time periods, and experiences that appeal to both male and female listeners.

Cover To Cover airs the last Sunday of every month at 8 PM, and features a Georgia author live in the studio to talk and take listener calls about one of his or her books. The book for each show is announced a month in advance on Georgia Public Radio and is also published along with details about the story and the author online, giving listeners ample opportunity to familiarize themselves with the book before the show airs. For those who are unable to read the book ahead of time, each show includes the Cover To Cover "Cheat Sheet," a brief but thorough synopsis of the book under discussion.

Unlike traditional book clubs, Cover To Cover's live call-in format gives readers and listeners direct access to authors, enabling them to resolve questions they may have about the text. After the "Cheat Sheet," St. John opens the discussion with the author, who is in the studio to answer questions and offer commentary about his or her work. As an added bonus, the first five callers to each show receive an autographed copy of one of the books written by the featured author.

One of the things that makes Cover To Cover unique is the fact that it is truly listener-driven. Listeners and readers have free reign to ask the author about his or her life and past work, the book under discussion, the writing process, or whatever else may interest them. The program also fosters a sense of community between listeners and callers across the state; many callers simply choose to share stories of their own that mirror characters or situations in the book, reminding listeners of our shared experiences as Southerners and as people.

Listen to Cover To Cover on Sunday February 23 at 8 PM as St. John welcomes author Brandon Massey to the studio for a discussion of his book Thunderland. You can tune into Georgia Public Radio online, or in cities across the state at the following frequencies:

- 88.1 FM Columbus/Warm Springs
- 89.7 FM Macon/Cochran
- 90.1 FM Waycross
- 90.7 FM Augusta
- 91.1 FM Tifton
- 91.7 FM Athens
- 91.1 FM Savannah
- 91.7 FM Valdosta
- 91.7 FM Albany
- 88.9 FM Brunswick
- 90.9 FM Fort Gaines
- 90.7 FM Carrollton
- 88.3 FM Demorest
- 89.5 FM Dahlonega
- 1190 AM St. Marys