Friday, April 7, 2006

Achieving Excellence on Open Air

Achieving Excellence: Inside Georgia Schools, Georgia Public Broadcasting's monthly education program currently airing on satellite and the web, has been added to the open air schedule. Viewers can now watch the program on GPB-TV, channel 8.

Achieving Excellence: Inside Georgia Schools brings educational issues in the state of Georgia to the forefront. Host Jane Robelot, former CBS news anchor and Georgia parent, talks with guests on some of the most important issues in education. The rotation of special guests includes knowledgeable authorities on educational issues such as Kathy Cox, Georgia Superintendent of Schools, and Dr. Mike Hall, Deputy Superintendent for Information Technology, Georgia Department of Education.

Next airing: Sunday, April 9th @ 5:30 p.m.

April Program Highlights:

Information Technology

Jane Robelot discusses technology and how it is transforming schools, teachers and students with guests Howard Woodard, Chief Information Officer, and Mike Hall, Deputy Superintendent for Instructional Technology. Woodard explains data gathering and storage, while Hall elaborates on "real time" information and 21st century schools.

In the Schools of Distinction segment, Mike Hall hosts Terry Smithson, Education Strategist, from the Intel Corporation. Key points to their discussion include the Scholastic Magazine / Intel Corporation partnership and the Schools of Distinction program.

During the Continuing with the theme segment, Jane mentions the meeting of technology industry leaders to discuss the rebuilding effort of the Gulf Coast region's school systems. Also, a sampling of Mabry Middle School's 2005 film festival is shown.

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Wednesday, April 5, 2006

New PBS Series

It's a Big, Big World is a new PBS science series for young children featuring a diverse group of animals living in the tallest tree, the World Tree, deep in the center of the rainforest. This show creates a fresh and inviting world for children where they can experience science, geography and music.

Snook, a giant tree sloth, is the viewer's guide through this fascinating world. His friends are Smooch and Winslow, marmoset siblings; Wartz, an agreeable tree frog; Madge, an ancient turtle who happens to have a map of the world on her shell; Burdette the bird, who is full of herself; Bob the Anteater, who tends to worry about everything; Ick, a boastful fish; and Oko, a mischievous old monkey.

You can find It's a Big, Big World on GPB-TV and satellite channel 400.

Sunday, April 2, 2006

Bright From the Start 2006 Conference

Bright From the Start: Georgia Department for Early Care and Learning will host its Bright Beginnings*Promising Futures 2006 Georgia Early Learning Conference on April 27-29. "Embracing Higher Standards" is the theme of this year's conference; it will address the impact of standards, such as the Georgia Early Learning Standards, that enable child care providers and professionals to deliver high-quality care and educational experiences for children from birth through school age.

Bright Beginnings*Promising Futures is designed specifically for professionals, administrators, teachers, caregivers and staff who work with children ages 0-5 years old and at after-school programs.

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