Monday, June 9, 2008

TeacherLine Online Professional Development

PBS TeacherLine online courses offer the standards-based professional development opportunities that teachers need, in an accessible, online format that makes learning fun, flexible, and collaborative.

Why TeacherLine?

Online Course Delivery is Convenient and Flexible

§ Learning online is as easy as sending and retrieving email

§ No scheduled login requirements for weekly assignments

§ No travel or books to buy!

Courses Directly Impact Your Classroom and Student Outcomes

§ Courses incorporate assignments and activities to use in your classroom right away

§ Learners acquire new technological tools and strategies ready to integrate into their lessons

Collaborative Learning Environment

§ Learners benefit from the best practices and practical knowledge of course peers

§ Trained facilitators guide discussions, encourage participation, and provide ongoing feedback

Professional Development Credit Available

§ Approved for re-certification PLU credit by GA State Department of Education

§ Graduate credit is available

§ Ask your administrators for reimbursement!

Regional Courses Running June 18 – July 29, 2008

RDLA157.23 Teaching Phonemic Awareness and Phonics (PK-3) – 45hr

Bring the ideal balance of oral language, phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, phonics, and written language to your language arts instruction. Study the stages of literacy development and practice assessing the performance of budding young readers. Learn to design instructional activities that strengthen students' skills in phonemic and phonological awareness.

TECH160.156 Putting Technology to Work in the Classroom: Where to Start (K-12) – 30hr

Gain a better understanding of key issues surrounding technology integration, such as how to meet technology standards and choose the most suitable technology for a specific purpose. Identify lessons or concepts in your classroom that may benefit from technological enhancement. Learn to devise a strategy for integrating technology into your lesson plans.

RDLA152.18 An Intro. to the Underlying Principles and Research for Effective Literacy Instruction (K-8) - 45hr

Meet NCLB's requirements for research-based literacy and reading instruction by analyzing in-depth studies of the use of phonemic awareness, phonics, and word recognition to develop the skills required for students in kindergarten through eighth grade to expand vocabulary, improve comprehension and fluency, and gain independence.

SCIE520.8 Teaching High School Biology (9-12) 45hr

Learn inquiry-based approaches to teaching standards-based science topics, including genetics, evolution, and cell biology. Gain practice using multimedia to explore novel learning environments and methodologies that foster student interest, involve them in the research process, advance their critical thinking skills, and develop their conceptual understanding. 1-800-277-0829

Online Professional Development for K-12 Educators

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* Regional courses are for SC, NC and GA learners; national courses are open to anyone. The course content is the same from both providers, however the courses offered regionally by TeacherLine Southeast feature a regional facilitator and allow for a more regional emphasis.

National Courses Running June 25 – August 5, 2008

SC, NC & GA Educators: Save $100 off the nationally offered courses listed below!

Enroll using this promo code: “ZP8TLSE”

* All courses listed below are 30hr courses, except as noted.

Instructional Strategies Courses:

▪ Differentiated Instruction ▪ Using Assessment and Evaluation

▪ Curriculum Mapping I by Heidi Hayes Jacobs ▪ Improving Learning Through Collaboration

▪ Curriculum Mapping II by Heidi Hayes Jacobs ▪ Connecting Family, Community and Schools

▪ Utilizing Technology in Creating a Problem-Based Curriculum

Reading/Language Courses:

▪ Integrating the Internet into the K-2 Language Arts Curriculum ▪ Teaching Reading in Science

▪ Children's Authors on the Web: Online Sites that Motivate Students to Write ▪ Teaching Writing in the Content Areas

▪ Teaching Phonics and Spelling for Beginning and Transitional Readers, 45hr ▪ Teaching Reading in the Content Areas

▪ An Intro to Underlying Principles & Research for Effective Literacy Instruction ▪ Teaching Phonemic Awareness and Phonics, 45hr

Math Courses:

▪ Making Comparisons with Data Analysis for Grades 6-8 ▪ The Concept of Function for Grades 9-12, 15hr

▪ Enabling Students with Special Needs to Succeed in Math Class ▪ Math in Everyday Life for Grades 6-8, 15hr

▪ Rational Numbers, Fractions, Decimals, and Percents in Grades 6-8, 15hr ▪ Developing Algebraic Thinking in Grades 3-5

▪ Understanding Numbers & Operations: Addition & Subtraction in Grades PK-3 ▪ Seeing Math™: Linear Functions

▪ Seeing Math™: Linear Equations ▪ Seeing Math™: Quadratic Equations

Technology Courses:
▪ Putting Technology to Use in the Classroom: Where to Start ▪ Teaching with WebQuests for Grades K-12

▪ Teaching and Learning with Graphic Organizers: Featuring Inspiration ▪ The Computer for Personal Productivity

▪ Using the Computer for Cooperative Experiences ▪ Publishing on the Web

▪ Evaluating and Organizing Internet Resources and Content ▪ Capstone Introduction, 6hr, $25 (no discount)

▪ Collab. on the Internet:Keypal Projects that Promote Cultural Awareness (4-8)
▪ Contemporary Issues - Using Technology for Discussion, Debate, & Problem Solving in the Middle School Curriculum
▪ Online Fac.Trng I: Mastering the Skills of OnlineTeaching, 45hr, $525 (no discount)

Science Courses:
▪ Science and the Living World ▪ Designing Effective Lessons

▪ Motion and Forces in Your World ▪ Understanding Waves

▪ Structure and Function ▪ Structure of the Earth System
▪ Fostering Collaboration, Inquiry, and Critical Thinking in Middle School Science 1-800-277-0829

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Arts Integration Workshop for Educators

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia (MOCA GA)
Across the Disciplines: The Permanent Collection of MOCA GA

MOCA GA is pleased to offer an Arts Integration Workshop for educators.

Available Course: Visual Journaling: Creating, Exploring, Reflecting, through the creative process of visual journaling.

Visual Journaling is turning written word into visual imagery through the technique of collage, printmaking, photography, and artifact exploring. Facilitators and participants will work together to explore various approaches for infusing visual journaling into the classrooms, to create a stimulating and challenging learning environment. Georgia artists will share their artwork to stimulate, and reinforce creative ideas with high school educators. Participants will develop lesson plans based on the permanent collection of MOCA GA as well as the visual, biographical, and historical materials housed in the Museum's Education/Resource Center.

* 3 PLUs will be awarded.

Location: The Museum of Contemporary Art of Georgia
75 Bennett Street, Atlanta, GA 30309

Dates: June 9-13, 2008

Time: 9:30-3:30

Cost: $100.00

To register, or for more information, please contact Jo-ann Lawrence at or call (404) 367-4542.