Friday, February 8, 2002

FYI: Workshop In A Box

At PeachStar Education Services, our goal is to provide high quality educational resources that enrich inform, and support the Georgia learning community. In order for us to do that most effectively, it is important that every Georgia educator have a clear understanding of who PeachStar is, what we do to improve education in Georgia, when our programming is available, where to find our educational resources, why it's important for you to use PeachStar in your classroom, and how to utilize the assets we offer in the most effective way. Well, that's a lot of information to gather on your own, so PeachStar has created the Workshop In A Box CD-ROM and companion website to provide Georgia educators with all of the knowledge about PeachStar that you will need to improve the integration of technology into public education.

The CD-ROM and accompanying website is arranged into four broad sections of information:

* About GPB,
* About PeachStar,
* Teacher Toolbox, and
* Sample Lessons

Within each of these sections, you will find the detailed descriptions and explanations that will answer all of your questions about using technology to improve classroom instruction.

Under the GPB and PeachStar sections you will find information about our history, programs and services, special projects, information sources, satellite resources, and broadcast rights. Pay special attention to the information about broadcast rights for both the PeachStar produced and the non-PeachStar produced programming that you record via the satellite network. As users of PeachStar resources, it is your responsibility to stay in compliance with the broadcast and digital rights set for our programming.

The Teacher Toolbox section provides you with resources such as Bloom's Taxonomy, a hierarchy of educational objectives that is useful for categorizing test questions, a template for the creation of effective lesson plans, and a complete tutorial on how to develop PowerPoint presentations for classroom use. The Sample Lessons section provides you with just that: complete model lesson plans developed by your fellow Georgia teachers during PeachStar's Teacher-In-Residence program. There are lesson plans for all grade levels K-12 and they cover a wide range of subject areas from foreign language to math and music! These are wonderful models to guide you as you create your own dynamic lesson plans using technology and PeachStar programming. A lot of your fellow teachers are really excited about what PeachStar has to offer and they want to share what they've learned with colleagues and friends. So in addition to sharing key information with teachers to help them use PeachStar in their own classrooms, the Workshop In A Box CD-ROM and website serve as tools to aid educators who are giving presentations about the use of PeachStar in technology integration.