Friday, February 1, 2002

A letter from the Executive Director

Dear Educators:

One of the efforts of which we are most proud is the cutting-edge video streaming project we launched in the Fall. This resource reaches more and more Georgia classrooms every day, offering educational video assets via the Internet for the first time. Hundreds of Georgia schools have already taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Take a moment to visit the Education website and learn more about how PeachStar and video streaming can make a difference in your classroom.

In addition, we are continuing our efforts with Georgia teachers to correlate our video resources to the Quality Core Curriculum. More than 150 teachers have been trained in this process and at present work is focused on the correlation of reading, math, and science programming. You may recall that last year more than 500 educators came to Georgia Public Broadcasting to help choose the programming that would air over PeachStar for the coming year. We are already making plans for Spring programming acquisition. Check the website for information about opportunities to participate and have a voice in the decision-making process.

There are also excellent training opportunities available to help Georgia educators get a better understanding of the services PeachStar offers. PeachStar staff have developed special trainings for media specialists that deal with satellite usage, the broadcast schedule, and how to work with teachers on integrating multiple media in to classroom instruction. Information about training opportunities may also be found online.

As you settle into this second semester, I invite you to take an active role in the expansion of educational possibilities in your classroom by joining PeachStar and Georgia Public Broadcasting in our many efforts to support teaching and learning in Georgia. We look forward to continuing to work with you.

James. M. Lyle