Tuesday, February 5, 2002

PeachStar Brings You Character Education for Elementary Grades

In Fall 2001, PeachStar joined forces with the Connecting With Kids Network (CWKN) to bring character into Georgia's middle and high school classrooms. This semester, we are pleased to offer Connect! For Elementary Grades, the same high-quality programming as before, only designed especially for students in grades 3-5.

In January 2002, PeachStar will roll out the first of six new elementary school character education programs. Each program focuses on three different character words, addressing their importance through vignettes about real students filmed in schools around Georgia. Episode #101 focuses on perseverance and overcoming obstacles, responsibility and safety, and tolerance of cultural differences. Episode #102 addresses the importance of helpfulness to others in need, kindness in situations of adversity, and loyalty to friends and teammates. Episode #103 discusses the importance of courage in difficult situations, diligence in pursuing goals, and caring/compassion for those less fortunate. Episode #104 looks at self-control and anger management, revisits perseverance in the face of adversity, and the meaning of togetherness. Episode #105 discusses the importance of honesty, the significance of freedom, and the need for courtesy. Finally, Episode #106 focuses on the art of patience, trustworthiness and dependability, and revisits the skills of caring/compassion.

As with the middle and high school programs aired in the Fall, the Connect! For Elementary Grades series has a companion curriculum to help teachers fully implement character education in the classroom. If you would like to find out more information about purchasing the companion curriculum to the Connect! programs that will air on PeachStar, contact CWKN directly at 888-891-6020. Training, conducted by both PeachStar and CWKN, on program implementation is available to those schools that purchase the curriculum materials. See page INSERT PAGE of the listings for air dates and times and be sure to check out this great new series for elementary students!