Saturday, March 30, 2002

Bringing History to Life: The New Georgia Stories Website

Remember when PeachStar launched its new Georgia Stories website in May 2001? Well now it's even better! For the past year you have been able to use this site for a number of resources related to Georgia history, including:

* primary source materials for each study topic from the Georgia Stories series
* annotated links to relevant websites
* student study questions, activities, and vocabulary
* teacher versions of the study questions, including background information and QCC standard correlations
* suggestions for further reading
* student study tips
* suggestions for class or family field trips

PeachStar staff have continued working to develop the site into an even greater teaching and learning resource. Nearly all of the existing study topics have been expanded to include higher-level study questions based on Bloom's Taxonomy (knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation). Study topics have also been correlated to the Georgia Quality Core Curriculum to facilitate the teaching of Georgia history according to state standards.

As any good historian can tell you, primary sources are imperative to understanding the context and flavor of historical events. That's why PeachStar staff have gone to archives, historical societies, and libraries all around the state collecting primary source material for use on the Georgia Stories website. Just recently, PeachStar was granted permission to use the Henry P. Slaughter Collection housed in the Atlanta University Center's Robert W. Woodruff Library. This collection contributes immensely to the materials on slavery in Georgia Stories website's primary source repository.

In addition to making improvements to our primary sources and study topics, PeachStar has also greatly expanded the Field Trip section of the website. There are now 74 field trip links to historically significant sites around the state. This feature allows your students to take virtual historic tours all across the state; eventually, we plan to have at least one site per county! Click on Field Trips on the Georgia Stories homepage to get started!