Monday, April 1, 2002

Reserve Your Space for PeachStar's

Summer 2002 will be an exciting time for Georgia educators. PeachStar will be hosting a number of "Educator-In-Residence" programs this summer, including concentrations in the following areas:

Multimedia Integration Training - This training for K-12 educators includes video streaming, and the incorporation of graphics and original content into PowerPoint presentations.

Institute for New Media Specialists - Designed for new media specialists (less than 3 years of experience), this institute will provide an overview of PeachStar programs and services and includes strategies for effective media center operation.

Video Production - This training for K-12 educators held by GPB's production professionals, teaches the basics of television production .

Annenberg Professional Development Facilitator Training - This workshop for staff development coordinators provides participants with content knowledge and skills plus materials required for facilitating professional development telecourses at the district or school levels.

Strategies for Implementing SALSA in Elementary Curricula - This workshop for PreK-Grade 5 teachers Target Audience: PreK - Grade 5 teachers provides strategies on the effective use of SALSA in the classroom. SALSA is a Spanish foreign language program designed for elementary students.

Georgia Stories Curriculum Development - This workshop for fourth and eighth grade Social Studies teachers is a continuation of last Summer's Georgia Stories/ Georgia Studies: The Prime Connection Project. The focus is the teaching of history through primary sources.