Friday, March 8, 2002

Cobb County Takes the Lead in Alcohol and Drug Awareness

For the third year in a row, PeachStar is pleased to bring the Cobb County Alcohol/Drug Awareness Conference into classrooms across the state. The 2002 program, hosted by Kennesaw Mountain High School and sponsored by the judges of the Cobb State Court, will be held on March 28. Unlike last year's program, which targeted middle school students, this year's conference will address high school students specifically, offering key information about drug and alcohol use through several different platforms:

* Keynote speaker Rudy Ruettiger, former Notre Dame football player - Mr. Ruettiger will motivate the students about the importance of making good decisions dealing with alcohol/drugs.
* Inmate Forum - This portion of the program will allow students across the state to ask questions of currently serving inmates online at The inmates will discuss how drugs and alcohols contributed to the behaviors that led them to prison.*
* Public Safety Exhibits - Exhibits will address such topics as public safety special operations, including STEP, COPS and DUI Task Force Units.
* Alcohol/Drug Game Show - Seniors and Juniors from the host school will compete against each other in a Game Show format, with Alcohol/Drug based questions.
* Legal Consequence Panels - Representatives from the criminal justice system will be on hand to answer questions in a roundtable format. *
* Peer to Peer Presentation - A speaker will share a personal story of an alcohol related accident. Video Presentation - The video "War Against Broken Hearts - One Family's Story" will be followed by roundtable discussion.*
* Teen Driving Legal Update with D.U.I. Presentation - Judges will discuss some of the recent changes in the Teen Driving Law. A driving demonstration featuring "fatal vision" goggles will also be highlighted.
* Court System Panel - Representatives will discuss the workings of the Cobb County State Court.*
* Opening and Closing Conference Speakers - Cobb Commission Chairman Bill Byrne will open the conference, while Cobb Public Safety Director James Arrowood will close the event.
* Grim Reaper Presentation - The Grim Reaper will roam the halls of the host school taking "victims" during the event.

At the end of the conference, these "victims" will be involved in a presentation, which symbolizes the number of individuals killed in the United States in an alcohol/drug related accident, during a five (5) hour period of time.

Be sure to tune into this special presentation with your students and take advantage of the opportunity to open up discussion on the critical issue of drug and alcohol use. The Cobb County Alcohol/Drug Awareness Conference for High Schools will air live on Channel 420 from 9 AM-3 PM on March 28.