Tuesday, January 7, 2003

Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Educator:

We begin this calendar year filled with promising new changes. With a newly elected Governor and State School Superintendent who prize education, Georgia Public Broadcasting's PeachStar Education Services and Georgia schools have a great deal to look forward to in the coming year. It's important that we take advantage of every opportunity to improve education at all levels as the pace of the school year is always increasing and the year's end will be upon us before we know it.

Georgia Public Broadcasting is preparing for another important session of the General Assembly as we look forward to working with our new Governor, newly elected members of the legislature, and many returning legislative friends who support the work of this organization. We will again be providing television coverage on Lawmakers, a locally-produced program that brings the news about state government to both students and adult viewers. In addition to the daily coverage of the activities of the State Legislature, this year GPB will also bring viewers special coverage of the inauguration of our 81st governor, which will air live on GPTV and PeachStar, as well as the State of the State Address and the upcoming budget address, which will be broadcast on GPTV, over Georgia Public Radio, and online.

We are pleased to announce that the use of PeachStar's video streaming resource continues to grow as more and more classrooms across the state use the Internet to complement teaching and learning. Of the 181 school systems in Georgia, 176 are currently utilizing the service, which allows teachers and students to easily access video clips in the classroom.

To learn more about how you can use video streaming and other media to enhance your classroom instruction, plan to attend PeachStar's 2003 Educator-In-Residence program as well as other ongoing professional development trainings we offer around the state.

As always, Georgia Public Broadcasting and PeachStar value your input and welcome any suggestions you may have for improvement of our programs and services. Send an email with your comments and concerns and help us serve you better. We look forward to hearing from you and using your feedback to improve our services to the Georgia learning community.


James M. Lyle
Executive Director