Saturday, January 18, 2003

Fine Programming for Fine Arts

PeachStar and Georgia Public Broadcasting are pleased to be one of the public television stations chosen to air the excellent lineup of performing arts programming offered by the Kennedy Center and the Prince William Network. The Education Department of the Kennedy Center "develops model programs for use by other performing arts centers and schools, creates and encourages national and community outreach programs, and serves as a clearinghouse for arts education on a national level." At a time when funding for fine arts is not a priority for education, PeachStar is proud to bring you the following quality programs that address not only music, but also theatre, storytelling, and more.

Connections - Science and Music with the National Symphony Orchestra
What exactly is music, scientifically speaking? Find out by watching this program, which teaches viewers exactly what science and music have in common. With the help of members of the National Symphony Orchestra, Connections explains how musicians use science and why scientists use music in their studies.

History In the Theater: Copenhagen
Centered around Copenhagen, a Tony-Award-winning play about the international intrigue that surrounded the development of the atom bomb circa World War II. Actors discuss the important role the theater plays in communicating this period of history to audiences around the world.

It's All Music
Features renowned pianist and teacher Dr. Billy Taylor and famous pianist Estela Olevsky as they explain the similarities and difference between classical music and jazz.

Jazz: A Celebration of Ella Fitzgerald
Dr. Billy Taylor and his trio bring the history of jazz to life in this examination of Ella Fitzgerald, one of the most well-known jazz artists in history. The program features performances of some of jazz's greatest hits.

Jazz and the New Generation

Dr. Billy Taylor hosts this program featuring young artists in a discussion about the future of jazz. Several styles of jazz music will be performed, including New Orleans jazz, Swing, Latin jazz, and Rhythm and Blues.

Telling Stories - Joseph Bruchac

Native American author Joseph Bruchac talks about growing up in the Adirondacks and discusses the impact that his life experiences and the Abenaki culture he was raised in have affected his work as a writer and storyteller.

Telling Tales - Laurence Yep

Laurence Yep, author of numerous books, short stories, and plays, discusses the way his family history and the history of both China and America have influenced his work. Also offers suggestions about techniques that aspiring writers may find useful to map, research, and select family stories.

Be sure to take advantage of these high quality fine arts programs in your classroom. Check the program guide for air dates and times.