Wednesday, January 15, 2003

The Atlanta History Center Offers Key Courses for Educators

The Atlanta History Center recently offered Georgia teachers a new symposium, Documenting Stories: World War II and Civil Rights Oral Histories. This project, which took place in October at the Atlanta History Center, was designed to introduce teachers to methods of teaching and recording oral history.

Gary Rowe of InSitelearning, Inc. shared interview techniques and assisted teachers in discovering the methods of preparing students to produce their own video documentaries on the Civil Rights Movement and World War II. Both themes satisfy Georgia QCC goals for social studies and language arts, and will result in student-researched, student-produced interviews with Georgians who participated in these two important historical periods.

Teachers attending the course practiced methods of recording interviews, received lists of interview subjects and guidance on storyboarding, camera operating, and film editing. The course was designed to put teachers in contact with others in their field and to update their knowledge base in new technologies and resources.

By absorbing their teachers' instruction on these two important 20th century periods, student's benefit from this course as well. Guided by specialized classroom applications, students will discover members of the community who participated in the Civil Rights Movement and World War II in activist, political, service, and civilian roles, and record conversations with them about their experiences. Students will learn to utilize a wealth of resources, including PeachStar , The Youth Channel (a new public access television project within People TV), museum exhibitions, artifacts, audio, video and the Internet that can be used in conjunction with the Recording Oral Histories curriculum.

For more information on this course or other educational courses from the Atlanta History Center, please contact Laura Bendoly, Distance Learning Manager at For more information on the Atlanta History Center, visit The Atlanta History Center.