Wednesday, April 9, 2008

TeacherLine Wins Awards!

PBS TeacherLine Wins Two Prestigious Awards

PBS TeacherLine is the winner of:

2007 CODiE Award Winner image
  • the prestigious 2007 CODiE Award for "Best Online Instruction Solution" presented by the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA); view the press release
2007 USDLA Award Winner image
  • the 2007 21st Century Best Practice Distance Learning Awards by the USDLA; view the press release

New Science Courses

PBS TeacherLine is now offering a special collection of science courses designed to give teachers what they need to inspire as well as educate students. The courses, available in Physical, Life and Earth Sciences and at the elementary, middle school and high school levels, are Teachers' Domain Professional Development courses produced by WGBH Educational Foundation and developed by educators and advisors specializing in science teaching and curriculum.

Teachers' Domain Professional Development courses support K-12 science teachers in their quest to engage students with media-rich resources incorporating practical real world applications, using their free collections of nearly 1,000 resources developed from high-quality, critically-acclaimed and trusted information sources such as the award-winning PBS science programs NOVA, ZOOM, and A Science Odyssey.

Courses are available in two formats to best meet specific science learning needs:

  • 45-hour Courses, 10-weeks
    Provide a comprehensive understanding of a subject and of the inquiry method, leading to a systemic change in approach to curriculum design and teaching strategies. The 45-hour courses are equivalent to 3 graduate-level credits.

  • 30-hour Courses, 6-weeks
    Offer a quick immersion into teaching a particular topic. The courses are derived from the 45-hour courses but adapted to stand on their own with a special final assignment. Courses focus on science content in the context of teaching strategies and inquiry. The 30-hour courses are equivalent to 2 graduate-level credits.

All course content corresponds to the National Science Education Standards and the McREL Compendium of K-12 Standards. Elementary and middle school courses focus on three elements – content knowledge, inquiry methodology, and using technology in the classroom. High school courses assume a basic knowledge of subject matter, and emphasize inquiry methodology and the use of technology in lessons.

  • Life Science Courses
    • Teaching Elementary Life Science - 45-hours
    • Science and the Living World - 30-hours
    • Plants and Animals 30-hours
    • Heredity and Adaptation - 30-hours
    • Ecosystems and Human Impact - 30-hours
    • Teaching Middle School Life Science - 45-hours
    • Structure and Function - 30-hours
    • Regulation and Behavior - 30-hours
    • Reproduction and Genetics - 30-hours
    • Natural Selection and Applied Genetics - 30-hours
    • Teaching High School Biology - 45-hours
    • Inquiry in Science Education - 30-hours
    • Teaching About Genetics - 30-hours
    • Teaching About Evolution - 30-hours
    • Designing Effective Lessons - 30-hours
  • Physical Science Courses
    • Teaching Elementary Physical Science - 45-hours
    • Motion and Forces in Your World - 30-hours
    • Understanding Motion and Force - 30-hours
    • Understanding Properties and Structures 30-hours
    • Teaching Middle School Physical Science 45-hours
    • Understanding Energy Transfer - 30-hours
    • Understanding Waves - 30-hours
    • Understanding Heat Transfer - 30-hours
    • Understanding Solubility and Density - 30-hours
    • Teaching High School Physical Science - 45-hours
    • Inquiry in Physical Science Education - 30-hours
    • Assessing Understanding - 30-hours
    • Building Understanding - 30-hours
    • Teaching Effective Lessons - 30-hours

  • Earth and Space Science Courses
    • Teaching Earth and Space Science - 45-hours
    • Introduction to the Earth System - 30-hours
    • Structure of the Earth System - 30-hours
    • Earth in Time and Space - 30-hours
    • Weather and Climate - 30-hours