Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Looking to Earn PLUs this Summer . . . While Strengthening Your Theater Skills?

Look no further! The Alliance Theatre is offering two courses for Summer PLU credit:


June 16-20, 2008

3 PLU Credits * 30 contact hours

9:30am -3:30pm * Woodruff Arts Center * $250.00

  • Puppetry is an excellent art form for meeting performance learning standards while creating joyous and meaningful lessons.
  • Learn how to integrate puppetry with language arts, social studies and science. During the week-long workshop, participants will learn how to make a variety of puppets and create units and lessons for them.
  • Each teacher will also build a classroom character puppet of their own design, and puppets will be built for a culminating performance.
  • Students remember lessons that they are fully involved in, and the hands-on ideas learned during this week will strengthen and deepen existing classroom lessons.
  • All supplies are provided.


July 21-25, 2008

3 PLU Credits * 30 contact hours

9:30 am- 3:30 pm * Woodruff Arts Center * $250.00

  • Interactive class, with study and performance of folktales & myths, fairy tales, literary stories, and personal narrative.
  • Explore the history and significance of story in the development of human culture and experiment with ways of telling the stories that have come down through the oral tradition, as well as modern stories that reflect current society.
  • No prior storytelling experience required.

Register and learn more at www.alliancetheatre.org