Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Understanding Early Learning

If you have been looking for the gap to be closed between scientific research and how to use that information in everyday situations - look no further! Georgia Public Broadcasting has partnered with KCTS Television and the Talaris Research Institute to offer families and early learning educators in Georgia Parenting Counts: A Focus on Early Learning.

With the knowledge obtained from years of research and recognizing the existing gap between what scientists know and what is being practiced in early learning and brain development, the Talaris Research Institute developed the Parenting Counts education program to deliver messages and understandings of how children think, feel and learn to the people who could use this information the most - parents and all who have a role in the development of a child. The Talaris Research Institute believes that once the basis of a child's development is understood, a child's opportunities to live a fulfilling life are significantly improved.

The Parenting Counts program can be found in the form of "video prompts,"printed materials and in-depth workshops. "Video prompts" sharing real life parenting moments focused around the topics of parent/child communication, emotions, exploring and emergent literacy will air on GPB television spots beginning this Fall. In-depth workshops conducted throughout the year provide a better understanding of early childhood social, emotional and cognitive development, as well as supportive, practical tips for enhancing the parent-child relationship.

To schedule a Parenting Counts workshop, contact Carol Veatch at or Laura Miller at

For more information about Parenting Counts, please visit GPB's Family Literacy webpage or the Talaris Research Institute website.