Friday, August 24, 2007

TIE Network Updates

GPB Education's Technology in Education (TIE) Network kept busy and grew significantly during the summer months! If you were at NECC, then you probably saw the bright green TIE Network t-shirts everywhere! This field of brightly colored t-shirts could only mean one thing - TIE Network had plenty of events and activities happening during NECC. Events included a gathering at the Braves game, an Advisory Board dinner, a "Birds of a Feather" session, and several presentations by TIE Network members.

The TIE Network, which empowers Georgia's educators by connecting them with other educators throughout the region, holds events and sessions throughout the year. If you would like to become a member of this growing network of educators, then please visit TIE Network

Below you will find details of TIE Network events during NECC and a TIE Network Recap.

TIE Network Events during NECC

TIE Network Birds of a Feather session at NECC: TIE Network recapped the first 6 months of the TIE Network and used MP3 recorders to document our experiences with TIE and the importance of integrating technology into the classroom.

TIE Network Advisory Board Dinner: Planned for next year. Our focus will be on creating user-generated content and spotlighting student-created work.

TIE Network statewide event at the Braves Game: Networked and used MP3 recorders to share our NECC experiences.

Seven TIE Network members presented at NECC: Holly Boykin, Jeff Giddens, Amber Hoke, Helen Maddox, Brent McBride, Shaun Owen and Daniel Rivera

TIE Network 6-month Recap

Regional events: Georgia Southern University in March, Dalton State ETTC in April, Albany State ETTC in May, Pioneer ETTC in June and Valdosta State ETTC in July

Membership: 368

Participating districts: 72

Participating ETTCs and RESAs: 13

Uploaded Content in the Resource Center: 151 items