Tuesday, August 8, 2006


The Education division of Georgia Public Broadcasting (GPB-Education) has announced that changes will be made to the satellite maintenance service this school year.

GPB-Education will now be providing a streamlined maintenance service for the satellite downlinks at educational facilities.

Changes being implemented by the streamlined maintenance service are:
- Average time to repair a "down" site has increased to five days
- Repair of the steering function of an antenna will be discontinued unless the site chooses to pay for the repair (Steerable antennae will be "fixed" on the GPB-Education signal)
- One functioning Integrated Receiver Decoder (IRD - DSR 9400) will be maintained at each location instead of two

The streamlined service has allowed GPB-Education to meet its fiscal commitments while still ensuring that our signal is delivered reliably. The helpdesk service will remain unchanged.

If you have any questions about these service changes, please e-mail Patrice Weaver at pweaver@gpb.org