Wednesday, August 9, 2006

The C-47 Short Film Project

Georgia Public Broadcasting, Georgia Council for the Arts, the Digital Arts and Entertainment Lab at Georgia State University, and the Georgia Department of Economic Development are proud to introduce a new opportunity for independent filmmakers in Georgia, C-47: The Georgia Short Film Showcase.

The C-47 project combines broadcast and digital technology to create a Web site centered on the art and technique of filmmaking and a monthly showcase devoted to Georgia filmmakers and their short films.

C-47 is particularly relevant as filmmakers explore new directions in film, video and digital media. It is designed to foster creativity, engagement and camaraderie within Georgia's film industry and give Georgia filmmakers a broadcast goal in their home state.

With the advent of the digital film revolution, the art of the short film has once again emerged into the collective consciousness of today's culture. This program rewards filmmakers focused on quality filmmaking within the boundaries of the short film format.

Each month, two filmmakers and their films will be awarded special recognition and be featured on the C-47 television program and discussed at length on the C-47 Web site. To be featured on C-47 is to be recognized as a superior Georgia filmmaker.

At the conclusion of each year, one film will be chosen via audience and industry voting as the top short film in the state of Georgia.

To find out more about the C-47 project, please visit

What is a C-47 and what does it have to do with films?

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