Saturday, May 6, 2006

PRISM Public Awareness Campaign

Georgia's Partnership for Reform in Science & Mathematics (PRISM) has kicked-off an awareness campaign this year among parents, teachers, business leaders, the community-at-large and students.

Increasing awareness in Georgia about the importance of math and science is the goal of this campaign and is apart of the PRISM initiative to increase the state's student achievement in these subjects.

This campaign is a "call to action" for parents and the community-at-large with the primary focus being on parents.

Stressed in the campaign is the importance and need for all P-12 students to be prepared for, have access to, and succeed in challenging math and science courses.

"Math + Science = Success" is the campaign's theme and will be featured along with taglines in advertisements that promote the importance of math and science. Billboards, television, newspaper and magazine ads will be spread throughout Georgia.

Funded by the National Science Foundation and administered by the University System of Georgia, PRISM is a five-year collaborative effort whose primary focus is to improve student achievement in science and mathematics at all levels of education throughout Georgia.

Awarded to the University System of Georgia in 2003, the initiative is scheduled to be funded through the school year of 2008.

The initiative will impact 170,000 students and 10,000 teachers in approximately 275 schools within the four pilot regions. Eventually, it will impact the 1.4 million P-12 students in Georgia.

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