Sunday, May 7, 2006

Irasshai's Golden Week

Golden Week is one of Japan's busiest holiday seasons of the year. It is a collection of four national holidays that fall within well-placed weekends. Greenery Day, April 29th, Constitution Day, May 3rd, Between Day, May 4th, and Children's Day, May 5th, make up the holiday week.

Irasshai holds its own celebration of Golden Week by hosting an annual Quiz Bowl where Irrasshai students, via audio bridge, are tested on their knowledge of Japanese language and culture. Teams compete at three different levels (JPN I, II, and III) and advance to additional rounds through elimination-style competition.

Participants all receive authentic Japanese prizes such as folding fans, tea cups, wind chimes, calligraphy brushes and paper lanterns. Last year's Quiz Bowl was enjoyed by 10 schools from seven states, with Cabot High School, in Cabot, Ariz., coming out the winner in both JPN I and JPN II categories.

This year's 8th Annual Quiz Bowl will begin April 24 and conclude with the championship round on April 27.