Thursday, September 1, 2005


After ten years, the Irasshai logo is getting a facelift! The two characters in the original logo made their debut in the first episode of the videos series, Irasshai: Welcome to Japanese! in August, 1996. Since its inception, over 5,000 high school students and community learners have traversed the distance learning hallways of Irasshai, a three-year course in Japanese language and culture, and its logo was ready for a make-over. GPB's Jennifer Barclay, creator of the new design, is herself an admitted Japanese anime fan. "We were searching for a new look for our two-character logo," says Irasshai Program Manager, Kathy Negrelli. "Something that was appealing to a large audience and had a more modern feel. We are thrilled with the personal touch Jennifer added to our logo." The only thing missing from the new logo is a name for each character. Irasshai students will have the opportunity to help solve this problem by participating in a naming contest that will take place during the current school year.

View a larger version of the logo!

Look for T-shirts, buttons and other goods sporting the new two-character Irasshai logo soon!