Friday, September 2, 2005

Join the DEN!!

You may be wondering about the DEN and what it represents. The DEN is the Discovery Educator Network, which is a global community of educators in the forefront of digital media in the classroom.

IF you

* use unitedstreaming regularly in your classroom, and you are interested in
exploring new ways to infuse the variety of digital resources into lesson plans
and classroom projects
* have seen how video clips can accelerate learning and help make abstract
concepts real
* are always seeking ways to make your classroom more exciting and your lessons
more effective
* want to communicate your enthusiasm to your fellow teachers
* are adept with digital technology and would like to share your skills with
* would enjoy being part of a select community of educators who share ideas and
best practices about the use of technology in the classroom
* would enjoy having the opportunity to attend educational conferences, serve on
advisory boards and give presentations about unitedstreaming and the use of
digital video in the classroom

THEN you are a perfect candidate for the Discovery Educator Network!!

Discovery Educator Network members will

* share ideas, insights, and inspiration with Discovery Educators around the
* have the opportunity to attend Discovery Education special events
* conduct at least four unitedstreaming presentations or demonstrations for
teachers in their own school districts each year
* participate in educational conferences and other professional development
* be active users on the Discovery Educator Network discussion boards and online

Discovery Educator Application

To apply to become a Discovery Educator, please fill out an application and email it to . See details below:

Microsoft Word Document

Directions to ftp site

In the application, you will need to include the following:

- A one-page statement that addresses the following questions:
* What do you hope to achieve as a member of the Discovery Educator Network?
* What unique skills and experiences will you bring to the Discovery Educator
Network? How will this help other teachers?
* What methods or techniques do you feel are the most effective ways to integrate
technology resources into your curriculum. (Please be as specific as possible and
cite examples of technology integration and its impact on student achievement.)
* At least one example of a technology enhanced instructional resource you have
developed for the classroom.

Visit the Discovery Educator Network website. After reviewing your application, Katherine Aiken - Discovery Educator Network Field Manager for Georgia - will contact you, and she will provide further details about the program.