Tuesday, August 2, 2005

Updates to GPB Education's Video Streaming

As the 2005-2006 school year begins, we want to remind you of a dynamic teaching tool you have at your fingertips - GPB Education's video streaming service.

The site contains:

* 40,000 + Video Clips
* 20,000+ Images
* Clip Art Gallery
* Blackline Masters
* Writing Prompts
* Teacher Features
* Calendar
* Quiz Center and more.

In the past, each school in Georgia used a generic username and password to access the unitedstreaming video content. Now we want to encourage you to use a unique passcode to create your personal username and password. Your personal account will automatically link to the larger school account.

The benefits of creating an individual account include:

* Chances to participate in self-paced interactive training modules
* Added ease when using the Quiz Center feature
* Ability to generate reports on individual video streaming use in addition to school and district use
* Opportunity to access existing product features and be prepared for new product enhancements in the future

You will still be able to

* Share Playlists with other members of your department, grade level and school
* Access downloaded video clips and images stored on your school's server
* Use all of the existing unitedstreaming features

We urge all schools to use their assigned passcodes so that GPB Education can keep accurate records of who is using the video streaming service and how often. This provides feedback on our training initiatives, allows us to troubleshoot problems at the system and building levels, and provides us with accurate data to justify continued support for offering video streaming to Georgia teachers.

At this time, we do not issue passwords to Georgia students. Please do not print the GPB video streaming login information on a course syllabus or post it on your school website or your individual web page. Sharing your personal login information with anyone who is not a Georgia educator violates the unitedstreaming user agreement. If you would like your school's passcode so that you can create your own individual username and password, please contact us at 1-888-501-8960.

Look for more video streaming information from GPB Education staff members as we host workshops at the following state conferences:

* COMO in October
* GaETC in November
* Other discipline-specific conferences.

If you would like to explore the GPB Education video streaming content, please contact us at 1-888-501-8960 to schedule training. GPB Education staff will be happy to conduct an orientation and offer ideas on integrating this powerful tool into your schools and classrooms.