Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Satellite Startup Tips

1. If you've lost power to the Chaparral unit over the holidays:

* Power the Chaparral back on and tune the television to the channel used to view the Chaparral output.
* Ensure the satellite channel chosen is R7 AMC-3, Channel 14.
* Press the SAT/TV button on your Digicipher so that the SAT/TV light is lit in the display.
* The green Signal light should lit in the display.
* GPB Education programming will now be visible on the television set.

2. If your dish has been moved from AMC-3:

* Press the satellite selection button on the Chaparral remote.
* Scroll up or down using the up and down arrows in the center of the remote until R7 AMC-3 is located.
* Ensure that R7 AMC-3 is highlighted and press enter.
* When the "dish is motion" display disappears, press the time button on the remote and confirm that the dish is pointed to R7-14.
* Select channel 14 if it is not the channel displayed.
* See instructions above to receive GPB Education programming.

3. If the site has a green signal light and NO video:

* Contact the Convergent Media Systems Helpdesk at 800 877 -7805.

Additional Help:

If you have any additional problems operating your equipment, consult the satellite tutorial on the GPB Education website. If you still have questions, contact the help desk at (800) 877-7805.