Thursday, May 5, 2005

GPB Prints Its Final Issue of Pipeline Magazine

Traditionally, May is that special month when high school seniors the world over reach the end of the first phase of education and prepare to transition into a promising future either in college or the working world. This momentous transformation is symbolized by graduation, when students officially cross over from the realm of childhood into that of adulthood, prepared by years of learning and practice to face the challenges that await them. This May, GPB is celebrating a graduation of its own - Pipeline magazine is graduating from a limited existence as a paper publication to the boundless possibilities of the Internet.

Over the 11 years that Pipeline has been in print, it has seen numerous iterations, beginning as an eight-page black and white bulletin, developing into a sleeker 10-page color newsletter, and finally reaching its apex as a printed magazine: a 24-page color magazine complete with articles and broadcast listings. Now, Pipeline is taking a giant step forward, leaving the confines of its printed pages behind and taking up residence on the GPB website, where the expansive nature of cyberspace will allow for a multidimensional approach to sharing information with interested educators not only in Georgia, but anywhere in the world.

In addition to residing on the GPB website, the new Pipeline "e-zine," or electronic magazine is available to subscribers through e-mail. The e-zine arrives on the first of each month and offers a list of the month's articles along with brief descriptions. Each of these is linked to the full article on the website, so you can click through to continue reading.

With the additional space provided by the electronic format, Pipeline will now offer several regular features that you can look for each month. Every issue will have a TeacherLine section that offers information about current course availability as well as links to the online registration site. You can also find out where GPB will be traveling each month in the "Where We'll Be" section. For early education providers, parents, and caregivers, we will offer a "View and Do" section modeled after the Ready To Learn activities provided through PBS. And don't forget our new "Community Corner," where we will feature the information YOU share with us about what's going on in your school and community. Be sure to send pictures or video to accompany the stories you submit to

In addition to providing more space and flexibility in terms of the magazine content, the switch from a print to electronic version of Pipeline also allows GPB to redirect a considerable amount of funding toward high quality programming and professional development opportunities for educators around the state.