Sunday, April 3, 2005

Have You Started Receiving YOUR Copy of the e-zine?

In February, GPB launched the electronic version of Pipeline. In addition to this hardcopy version, you may access all of the articles in an easy to navigate online format.

The new Pipeline e-zine (electronic magazine) will arrive directly in your email mailbox each month, so individual teachers as well as media specialists can have a subscription. Those who have already signed up should receive your copy at the first of each month; if you have not yet subscribed, fill out the online subscription form at on the Pipeline page. Anyone will be able to access the Pipeline e-zine online, but you will need to subscribe in order to receive the email version with time-sensitive updates each month.

The sooner you register, the more time you will have to ease into the transition to the electronic version while you still have your hard copy available. Beginning with the 2005-2006 school year, Pipeline will be a completely electronic publication. The shift to a Pipeline e-zine will not only allow GPB to provide you with more timely, dynamic information, but the cost savings from printing and mailing will allow us to direct more dollars toward the purchase of high quality programming and the delivery of professional development training.