Monday, March 7, 2005

Letter from the Interim Executive Director:

A new conversation about education has begun in Georgia. In late January at Georgia Public Broadcasting and in schools across the state, parents, students, educators, civic leaders, business leaders, and politicians gathered to talk about student achievement and how we define education excellence. GPB is proud to be a partner with Governor Perdue, Superintendent Cox, the State Board of Education, and the state's education organizations in facilitating this important dialogue about education, accountability, and outcomes. The energy and excitement here at GPB was clearly evident, and I hope infectious. We need every citizen, and especially every educator and every parent, thinking about and working toward education improvement in the state.

The conversation is continuing with additional statewide discussions as well as local and regional discussions planned with the Governor's Education Finance Task Force, chaired by State School Board Member Dean Alford. However, your input is important. You can be a part of the discussion by visiting the Investing in Education Excellence web site (IE Squared - IE2) and emailing your comments. Your comments will be shared with the Governor's staff, the Board of Education, and the Superintendent.

Georgia Public Broadcasting is committed to meeting our mandate to be a partner with the education entities in our state. We strive to meet your needs and support your efforts with our extensive resources. Of course, to be successful, GPB needs your feedback on our current services, and we need your ideas about how we can support educators and students in the future as technology becomes even more important in the delivery of education - - anytime, anywhere.

Over the past 10 years, our efforts have been focused primarily on elementary and secondary education. We are beginning to reach out to the higher education community through focus groups, surveys, meetings, and other tools to identify ways that we can support and promote higher education. We also want to build on higher education's efforts to work with PreK - 12 educators in the state. By making our resources available to them and sharing their valuable content with schools statewide, we can continue to grow the resources available to teachers and students of all ages and achievement levels.

Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions about our programs and services. We value your feedback, and we need your ideas to be an effective resource and advocate for you. Thank you for your support and your work on behalf of the students of our state.