Friday, February 4, 2005

Student Media Festival Seeks State's Finest

As you read in the September issue of Pipeline Georgia Public Broadcasting is hosting the 2005 State Media Festival for the second year in a row on April 22nd at our headquarters in Atlanta. By now, most schools participating in the media festival should have held their local festivals to determine which projects will be sent on to the system level festival. It is recommended that building level festivals be held no later than February 18th this year, and that system level festivals be held no later than March 11th.

Projects to be submitted may be created specifically for the media festival, or may have been submitted by a student as a classroom project or assignment. They may be created individually or in groups, however the work must be entirely student produced. (Teachers may assist in the technical creation of the project - for example, instructing students on how to operate DVD creation software or assisting students with burning media files to a CD-ROM).

Projects may be submitted to Georgia Public Broadcasting for entry into the State Media Festival beginning March 14th, 2005. Projects must be received by April 8th, 2005 - two weeks prior to the State Festival - in order to be considered. If you have questions about a building level festival at your school, contact your media specialist. For information about system level festivals, contact your school system's media coordinator. Projects may be submitted directly to the State Festival even if your school or system does not hold their own festivals. Direct submission of projects to the State Festival should be handled through your school system's media coordinator.