Sunday, February 27, 2005

Just Who Can Use Video Streaming, Anyway?

Since August 2001, Georgia Public Broadcasting has made programming available not only through its satellite network, but also via Internet delivered video streaming. More and more Georgia public school classroom teachers are becoming familiar with video streaming, but there are other entities in Georgia which may access to our over 26,000 video clips at no charge.


- Independent Schools - accredited Georgia independent schools can apply to us for a username and password at no cost. We ask that independent schools send us a letter from the principal or headmaster on school letterhead requesting a username and password and providing the contact information (name, school phone, and email address) of the media specialist or technology specialist who will be responsible for disseminating the username and password to the faculty. Enclosed with the letter should be evidence of the school's accreditation.
- Public Libraries - public libraries may contact us at 1 (888) 501-8960 to obtain a username and password. According to our video streaming user policy, usernames and passwords may not be freely disseminated to students (for example, they may not be posted on a computer station in the media center), so public librarians may wish to designate one or more computers as video streaming stations, and keep those stations logged in throughout the day.
- Technical Colleges - media specialists or technology specialists at Georgia 2-year and 4-year technical colleges may request a username and password for their faculty, and for use in the media center. We ask that technical colleges, like independent schools, send us a letter from the school administration on school letterhead providing contact information for the media or technology specialists, as well as evidence of the college's accreditation.
- Home Schools - parents and teachers who have established a licensed home school may request a username and password. Home schools must be registered with their local school district superintendent. A copy of such registration, along with a letter of request, a description of the home school (number of students, teaching format, etc.), and current contact information should be sent to Georgia Public Broadcasting.
- State Educational Agencies -organizations such as the Georgia Youth Science and Technology Centers, and the DOE's Educational Technology Training Centers have usernames and passwords to use when training teachers; individual agencies such as the Carl Vinson Institute of Government at the University of Georgia also have access. Similar agencies not currently using video streaming may contact us at 1 (888) 501-8960 and request a username and password.


- Media Specialists - Each school is assigned one password that may be used by all teachers at that school to access the GPB Education Video Streaming Portal. This password, which may be obtained by calling GPB Education at (888) 501-8960, may be used by multiple users simultaneously.
- Teachers - GPB is now offering individual passwords to teachers so that you can create playlists of your favorite clips for easy recall and playback. Each teacher may use either the school password or his or her own password to access streaming resources, however playlists are only accessible to the owner of the account. Teachers wishing to create a playlist to share with other teachers should create that playlist under the school's account; private playlists may be created under the teacher's personal account.
- Students - Students are allowed access to the content available through the GPB Education Video Streaming Portal, but are NOT allowed access to the login information. Because of copyright liability and the sensitivity of some materials, only teachers and media specialists should have access to the username and password.

When assigning independent research that requires students to search for streaming resources on their own, teachers or media specialists should always log in themselves, rather than sharing login information with students. Once logged into the site, students will be able to conduct searches without any further need of login information.

If you do not know your school username and password or would like to create an individual account, please feel free to contact GPB for assistance. All written requests for video streaming access should be sent to: Georgia Public Broadcasting Education and Technology Services 260 14th Street, NE Atlanta, GA 30318 ATTN: Jascenda Pasley