Monday, September 6, 2004

Two New Faces Join PBS Kidson GPB Television

Georgia Public Broadcasting Television is proud to announce a new addition to its daily kids' lineup. Maya & Miguel, a 64 episode series that documents the escapades of 10-year-old twins Maya and Miguel Santos, is designed to show that learning about foreign culture and language is "fun, relevant, and rewarding for all children." Underlying the comic twists and turns in each episode is the notion that "shared happiness is more important than personal gain." Interactions between the twins, their family, and the other people in the neighborhood stress values such as friendship and family, presented in the context of the Latino family, language, and cultures.

The show, which premieres on GPB Television on October 11 at INSERT TIME, is supported by a companion website designed to support language acquisition. The site, located at, features interactive content in both Spanish and English. Share the love of language and culture with your students; tune in to Maya & Miguel each day on GPB Television.

Don't forget the PBS Kids shows you have already come to know and love. The following great programs continue to air each day on GPB Television:

This program, aimed at viewers between the ages of four and eight, is designed to help foster an interest in reading and writing, and to encourage positive social skills.

Barney and Friends:
A long-time favorite of kids everywhere, this program for pre-schoolers addresses the four key areas of childhood development - cognitive, social, emotional, and physical.

The Berenstain Bears: Based on the best-selling book series, this program celebrates traditional family values.

Big Comfy Couch: This award-winning series invites pre-schoolers to exercise their hearts, minds, and bodies while building academic and behavioral skills.

Between the Lions:
This program is designed to foster the literacy skills of its viewers, while playfully demonstrating the joys of reading.

This program by the creator of the Teletubbies offers children the opportunity to build skills in five different learning areas: movement, mathematics, problem solving/science, language, and imagination.

Each five-minute episode of this program spotlights a different issue in a child's emotional, social and physical development between the ages one to four.

This program, aimed at viewers between three and seven years old, emphasizes good citizenship and the importance of community.

This Emmy-award winning show teaches kids aged 8-12 math concepts in a fun way they can understand.

Dragon Tales:
This program, aimed at pre-schoolers, is designed to nurture young children's curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

The Chinese Siamese Cat: This program, designed for children aged 5-8, encourages children to discover the similarities and differences they share with others sparks children's interest and appreciation of a wider world.

Sesame Street: This program for pre-schoolers reaches young children in powerful and responsible ways with a view that learning and fun are equally crucial elements of any young child's education.

Teletubbies: This series introduces children from ages one to three to the wonders and magic of high-tech in a safe and friendly way.

This daily interactive television series challenges five- to eleven-year-olds to "turn off the TV and do it!"