Thursday, September 30, 2004

Letter from Director

To all of Georgia's dedicated educators:

I begin my leadership of Georgia Public Broadcasting Education with a clear vision of our role as an essential component of the Department of Education's mission to integrate technology into the classroom and the resolve to take the necessary steps to ensure our success in that role. As we move into the new school year, GPB Education is in close conversation with Dr. Mike Hall, DOE Deputy Superintendent of Information Technology, and his staff to determine the ways in which we can best support DOE in its efforts to bring Georgia classrooms to the forefront of teaching and learning through educational technology. To this end, we offer not only our technology infrastructure in terms of Internet and satellite delivery systems, but will also pledge to align our strategic directions with those of the DOE and of the Georgia learning community as a whole.

It is my firm belief, and that of my colleagues at GPB, that to develop the best technology solutions for education, one must focus on the nature of the business and needs of teachers and learners rather than on the technology itself. The most sophisticated technology available today is worth nothing if it does not effectively integrate into the classroom in a way that is convenient and that truly enhances of the educational experience. Online training, for example, has proven to be an excellent resource for classroom teachers by giving them access to professional development anytime, anywhere and maximizing the use of their time. That is why GPB is investing much of our efforts in further developing online training modules for Georgia educators to supplement the face-to-face trainings that we provide across the state.

We at GPB know that to be a good partner in education, we must listen to the teachers and students we serve. Knowing that no one is better positioned to guide us in our development of educational and technology resources than those of you who will be using those resources, we welcome your comments and suggestions on how we might best meet your needs. Increased input from educators around the state will lead to the development of resources tailored to integrate seamlessly into classroom instruction. You have the opportunity to help shape the direction of the work we will do in the coming years; be part of this important effort by sharing your thoughts with us at

I look forward to the coming school year and the opportunities it will bring all of us - GPB, the Department of Education, and each of you - to work together to positively impact our classrooms through the integration of educational technology.


Mike Nixon,