Monday, February 16, 2004

Learn About the Science of Sweets with CANDY UNWRAPPED

Journey into a tasty and informative world -- a world full of candy. From February 7th to May 9th, bring your taste buds to SciTrek for a "sweet" exhibition -- Jelly Belly® presents CANDY UNWRAPPED. Interactive and tempting, this new exhibition exposes the science of sweets -- and sours -- with the biology, chemistry, physiology and psychology of candy at 20 interactive exhibits. CANDY UNWRAPPED is an exhibition that satisfies your mind even as well as your taste buds.

This sweet exhibit experience includes:

A Bar is Born: Chocolate has been around for thousands of years in different forms and in some cases, different uses. This exhibit follows chocolate through the ages from the discovery of the bean to the modern chocolate bar.

Crystal Mountain: Take a walk across an enlarged sugar crystal. Learn of the beauty of sugar's chemical design, the stages of crystal growth and about the final commercialized product.

Delectable Delights:
Would you eat a termite if you knew it would taste like a potato chip? Well, how about scrambled eggs and bacon? Discover the startling taste similarities between insect treats from around the world and some of your favorite North American foods.

The Doctor is In: What is a lifelike arm with an open wound doing in an exhibition about yummy things? Take a quiz with Dr. Donna to determine which sweet products can be used to heal a wound.

Energy Burn:
Jump on the energy burn bike and peddle away for one minute to determine how much of a sugar cube and how many calories you can burn off in 60 seconds. Learn about the way your body creates and uses energy and which types of food energy work best for your body.

When you hear Torture Scorchers, Mega Warheads, Viper Venom and Toe Jam, do you think "Yum" or "Yikes"? Extreme will allow visitors to visit the past and present of the ultimate in extreme candies from the 40's to the 90's. See how candy companies continue to push the envelope in trying to out-gross, out-gore, out-shock, and out-sour each other to create the ultimate extreme candy.

It's a Tasty World:
What is yummy to some is yucky to others. Some cultures add chili peppers to their sweets and others add tamarind. Have you ever tasted a puff-puff? Discover the stories behind 12 countries to learn how wonderfully different tastes can be and why these candies are so popular in their respective countries.

It's a Wrap: Do you have what it takes to design a product? Sit down and test out your creativity, use bold colors, think of a cool name for your product, and let your imagination go wild.

Pucker Up:
Can you handle the challenge? Taste a super sour candy in front of a camera and watch your face appear on the big screen as you pucker up. After your super sour experience, learn why we make funny faces when eating sour foods or candies.

Sugar Stack: View a giant stack of sugar bags and marvel at just how much sugar an average American consumes in a lifetime. Explore various products where sugar is consumed including refined sugar, sugar substitutes and natural sources of sugar.

Sugar Works: If you think sugar is only good for eating, think again. Find out which products contain sugar and which products don't. Learn about all the surprising uses of sugar. Sugar is everywhere and can do many things from thickening ceramics to biodegrading garbage bags to making your car a safer place to be.

Sweet Memories: Take a walk down memory lane?.take in various smells and discover what memory it evokes. Share your memories with other visitors and find out why smell is the strongest trigger for emotional memory.

Taste Bud Tango: Jump on the oh-so cushy giant tongue and learn about taste buds, where they exist, the incredible sensory complexity of the human tongue, and the different types of taste receptors that allow different taste experiences.

Experiencing this exhibit certainly doesn't begin and end with the physical environment of the museum floor. SciTrek offers a Teacher's Guide with flexible pre-visit experiments and activities for classroom use that are sure to surprise, delight, and prepare students as well as provide post-visit investigations that extend the learning experience. In addition, SciTrek is also offering a hands-on candy workshop during the exhibit's length of stay. Students will get more than they bargained for while learning about one of the world's most appealing topics - candy!

To make a reservation to explore the science behind the delicious and engaging world of candy and other yummy treats, please contact our group sales coordinator, Kristy Parker, at 404-522-5500 x231 or send an email to