Sunday, February 8, 2004

Helping Teachers Teach Economics

How do you teach economics and get more than a blank stare? Know the material. Relate it to the real world, and make it hands-on.

This may be easier said than done for teachers with no formal training in economics or how to teach it. The Georgia Council on Economic Education fills that gap, helping teachers boost their comfort level with teaching economics or incorporating economics into other courses.

The vision of this nonprofit that serves teachers is that students will leave Georgia schools prepared for their economic roles as workers, consumers, and citizens. Thanks to the generosity of businesses, foundations, and individuals, most of the Georgia Council's materials and workshops are offered at no cost to any teacher in any public or independent school in Georgia.

GCEE is a teacher's portal to proven strategies to help introduce economic concepts to students of all ages and learning levels. Just a few of the programs:

* Mini-Society, where elementary students learn economic concepts by creating their own society.
* The Georgia Economic History Project and the Wide World of Trade to show economic motives in middle school social studies topics.
* The Stock Market Game to introduce students from elementary through high school to a range of economic topics.
* Extensive support, curriculum, and classroom materials for teachers of the required high-school economics course.
* Basic training for teachers of high school Advanced Placement economics.

Call the Georgia Council at 404-651-3280 or visit to order materials, register for workshops, or ask questions on a message board moderated by award-winning teachers.