Saturday, January 3, 2004

Deletion List 2003

Many of you have contacted us requesting information about our most recent deletion list of programs whose copyright privileges have expired. This information is posted on the PeachStar website under the Alerts section, but we have reprinted it below for your convenience.

* American Cinema
* Art Journeys
* ArtShow
* Brighter Futures Through Partnerships
* Campus Live: Daring to Drive
* Center Stage with the Texas Performing Arts
* Developing Support From School Administrators
* Driving Ambition (Teen Choices #103)
* Food For Thought
* History Through Theater: Copenhagen
* Images of Germany I and II
* Monet at the High
* Money Maze
* Munch at the High
* Science Aboard Ship
* Science Images (expires 2/2004)
* Timely Topics in Education
* World's Largest Concert 2002