Thursday, January 1, 2004

Annenberg/CPB Supplements PeachStar's Video Streaming Holdings

As you know, PeachStar continues to build our digital video repository by expanding both our K-12 and our educator professional development holdings. We are pleased to announce huge gains in that endeavor through our mirror site agreement with the Annenberg/CPB (A/CPB) Channel.

A/CPB is a recognized leader in providing high quality educational content to learners of all ages on a national scale. In an effort to expand the reach of its programming, A/CPB is creating an educational content distribution network by allowing local and regional content providers such as PeachStar and Georgia Public Broadcasting to house A/CPB programs on their own servers. The content will in effect mirror the content on the main A/CPB server.

The benefits of this arrangement are many. The storing of this digital content on numerous servers nationwide will effectively increase the speed of Internet streaming access by reducing the number of users accessing any one server at any given time. Additionally, this agreement will provide PeachStar users with access to as much as 900 hours of digital programming in addition to and separate from the more than INSERT hours of programming currently available on the PeachStar/United Streaming site.

Take a look at the list below of some of the programs that are available to you online through this agreement. Note that these programs may be used at no cost on the K-12 level or for professional development, but may not be used for college credit through this agreement.

* Against All Odds
* American Cinema
* American Passages: A Literary Survey
* Connect with English
* The constitution
* Death: A Personal Understanding
* Destinos
* Discovering Psychology
* Dragon's Tongue
* Economics U$A
* Ethics in America
* Exploring the World of Music
* Fokus Deutsch
* For all Practical Purposes
* French in Action
* Growing Old in a New Age
* Inside the Global Economy
* Human Geography
* The Mechanical Universe
* The Mechanical Universe and Beyond
* News Writing
* Out of the Past
* Planet Earth
* Power of Place: Geography for the 21st Century
* Rural Communities
* Seasons of Life
* Unseen Life on Earth
* Voices & Visions
* The Western Tradition
* The Whole Child
* The World of Abnormal Psychology
* A World of Art
* The World of Chemistry

You can click on the Annenberg/CPB link on the PeachStar homepage at On the A/CPB homepage, click on the Video On Demand logo on the left-hand toolbar, then scroll down and click on the active link "program" under the section entitled "Online via video on demand." This will take you to a screen with a list of all of the available programs that may be viewed on demand.

The first time you visit the A/CPB site to utilize these video streaming resources you will have to register for a username and password. Remember your username and password so that when you return to the site you easily access the programs at your convenience and at no cost!