Wednesday, October 8, 2003

Survey Says...

PeachStar is dedicated to improving the content and quality of our programming and services. In order to reach that goal, PeachStar conducts an annual survey to help us gain a better understanding of your needs as both teachers and media specialists as well as to get your feedback on our existing programs and services.

Between March and April 2003, 796 media specialists responded to PeachStar's 2003 Annual Survey, which was administered electronically by Burke Incorporated, a third-party research firm. The survey contained 58 questions that examined broad areas such as use of and satisfaction with PeachStar services; use of and satisfaction with PeachStar programming; sources of information about PeachStar; equipment; and accessibility. The bulk of the survey was arranged in the form of statements that survey respondents answered using a Likert scale. For example, the question may be "Do you use PeachStar's Satellite Delivered Programming?", and your answer choices would be Yes, No, Not Accessible, or Not Familiar With. In addition to these questions/statements, there was an open-ended section that allowed respondents to provide feedback in their own words.

The overall response was very positive, indicating high levels of satisfaction in many areas, though there were a few areas in need of improvement. PeachStar will take all of the information gathered through this survey into consideration as we make changes to our programs and services and plan for future initiatives.

According to the survey results, 91% of teachers use Pipeline magazine as one of your sources of information about PeachStar, with the media specialists themselves being the second highest-rated source at 83%. More than 90% of the media specialists surveyed indicated that their school uses PeachStar's satellite-delivered programming, while 58.6% use PeachStar's newer Internet-delivered resources.

1. Answers to questions about the quality of PeachStar programming and services were overwhelmingly positive. More than 85% of teachers answered Agree or Strongly Agree as how they feel about each of the following statements made about PeachStar resources:
a. Have instructional integrity by providing a context for learning including the following:
b. Learning goals
c. Performance objectives
d. Varied instructional strategies
e. Assessment strategies
2. Stimulate students' prerequisite knowledge
3. Encourage active student participation in the learning process
4. Provide authentic activities that connect learning to real-world situations
5. Enhance learning retention and transfer
6. Extend and enhance learning for students in my school
7. Facilitate my ability to be more engaging in my instructional delivery
8. Allow me to tap into varied learning styles (multiple intelligences) of my students
9. Help me to be a better media specialist
10. Allow me to have greater efficiency in working with teachers and students by supplementing school resources with PeachStar programs
11. Are on the forefront (leading edge) in offering Georgia educators resources in multiple media formats:

The information provided in the annual survey was invaluable not only because it gave us a good reading of how PeachStar is used and perceived by the state as a whole, but how utilization is affected by specific factors such as geographic location, accessibility, services, and quality. Thank you to all of the media specialists who took the time to participate in this important work. Remember, PeachStar is always eager for any feedback you may provide regarding our programming and services.