Saturday, October 4, 2003

PeachStar Fine Tunes Fine Arts Holdings

Long a solid provider for high quality core content like math, science, and reading, this fall PeachStar is establishing itself as a strong source of Arts Programming. Last year, in recognition of the importance of the arts to a well-rounded curriculum, PeachStar hired a full-time Fine Arts Project Manager to cultivate arts holdings that would have the greatest impact on Georgia classrooms.

PeachStar always uses rigorous selection criteria in acquiring programming for broadcast to Georgia schools, and the acquisition of arts programming is no different. Programs selected must align with the Georgia Quality Core Curriculum standards in the area of Fine Arts. Additionally, programs are selected based on the quality and integrity of content in the areas of Dance, Music, and Theater Arts. Selected programs must also demonstrate a range of topics and experiences that respond to the making, seeing, performing, and critiquing of the arts. As always, educator feedback is an important factor in choosing programming that will air on PeachStar.

As you know, the elementary programming schedule has been reorganized this year in order to meet the needs voiced by teachers across the state. According to the new schedule, Fine Arts programming will air each weekday between 8-9 PM according to the following plan:

* Monday - Dance and Theater Arts
* Tuesday - Music
* Wednesday - Visual Arts
* Thursday - Visual Arts
* Friday - Multi-arts Series

Fine Arts programming will air regularly on Channel 420 on Fridays. Channel 430, which features adult learning and educator professional development programming, will feature Fine Arts programming for educators throughout the week.

PeachStar has already expanded our arts holdings a great deal, but will continue to acquire additional programming throughout the school year. We now send out E-lerts about the new programming we air; if you are not already receiving them, send an email to and we will add you to the distribution list.

For more information about PeachStar's Fine Arts programming or to schedule presentations or staff development workshops on arts education, contact Barbara O'Brien at (404) 685-2545 or