Saturday, May 3, 2003

Ter-RIF-ic Summer Reading Tips For Children from Reading is Fundamental (RIF)

Go Somewhere New. The place where you read a book can make the story even more meaningful. Take books about animals along on camping trips or sit under a tree while reading an adventure tale.

Read around the house. See how much reading material can be found around the house without opening a book. Read newspapers, magazines, websites, cereal boxes, toothpaste labels, or mail that comes to your house. Words to read are everywhere you just have to look!

Take a trip through a book. Read about the places you are planning to visit this summer, before you get there. You?ll know more about what you?re going to see before the rest of the family even packs their bags!

Read books from A-Z. Don?t know where to start for summer reading? Let the alphabet help you. Start with an author whose last name begins with A and see how close to Z you can get by the end of the summer.

Keep a reading journal. Write about the books that you read in a summer reading journal. At the end of the season you can see how much and what you?ve read. Best of all, you?ll never forget what the best part about a book was. You can even use your reading journal to make book recommendations to your friends.

Read aloud with adults. Adults need to read just as much as kids do. Reading aloud before bedtime or after a meal is a fun way to spend some time with your parents. Whether you?re the reader or they are, don?t forget to improvise different voices or wear a silly hat to make the story more fun.

Start a book club. Neighborhood kids love to do things in groups during the summer. Why not start a book club with your friends? Just agree to read the same book, then set some time to talk about the book either after you finish a chapter or at the end.

Find a fun series. Find a series of books by an author you enjoy. By the end of the summer, you?ll find you know the characters almost as well as you know your friends from school.