Tuesday, May 6, 2003

PeachStar Makes Scheduling Elementary

PeachStar has always taken advantage of the feedback provided to us by educators like yourself. You asked for relevant programming ? we correlated the videos in our repository to the QCCs. You told us the information in our printed program guide and broadcast schedule became outdated too soon ? we developed a searchable online program guide and broadcast schedule that?s updated on a regular basis. You told us that it was hard to find time to choose the right video ? and we developed online course listings that tell you exactly what videos address the courses you teach. Now, teachers like you have told us that our broadcast of elementary programming conflicts with your daily routine ? so what do you think we?ve done? That?s right! We?ve created an elementary schedule that reflects the timetable most elementary educators told us would make real time use easier for core subjects. For example, most educators have indicated that they would like to see language arts programming on in the morning, EVERY morning. The new elementary schedule is organized by time slot and repeats on a daily basis.

8-11 AM Language Arts
11 AM-12:30 PM Math
12:30-2:30 PM Social Studies
2:30-4 PM Science
4-5:30 PM Foreign Language
5:30-6:30 PM ESOL
6:30-8 PM Character Education, Guidance, Health
8-9 PM Fine Arts

Media Specialists had special requests, too. The feedback we received from media specialist requested more blockfeeds of popular programs, so we will be airing blockfeeds during the evening hours and overnight to accommodate your requests. Not only that, but beginning with the fall 2003 semester, PeachStar will offer you the programming schedule for the full academic year. Allowing you to see the year-long schedule at a glance, will facilitate the effective integration of video programming into your classroom planning and instruction. When you return to school in August, be sure to visit the PeachStar website at www.gpb.org/peachstar and click on Teacher Toolbox to see the at a glance schedule for the subject area you teach for the entire year. For more detailed program information, continue to use the broadcast schedule search.