Monday, October 7, 2002

Ready To Learn Brings American History to Life with Liberty's Kids

This new animated American history series brought to you by Ready To Learn is designed for children aged 7-11. Each thirty-minute episode features characters Sarah Phillips and James Hiller as they go on adventures that bring the history of the American Revolution to life. Let's take a look at some of the key characters who tell the stories of our shared history as Americans:

* Sarah Phillips - A fifteen-year old girl fresh off the boat from London. Sarah is staying with Benjamin Franklin while she awaits the reunion with her father, who is traveling in the American wilderness. She is a British loyalist, incensed by the revolutionary thinking of many people in the new world.
* James Hiller - A fourteen-year old apprentice journalist in Ben Franklin's print shop. James is always on the lookout for breaking news to print in the paper. He specializes in finding news about the American Revolution and sharing it with people everywhere.
* Henri - A young French orphan who accompanies Sarah and James on their adventures.
* Benjamin Franklin - An inventor, author, musician, statesman, and leader in the American Revolution. Ben guides Sarah, James, and Henri on their adventures whether he's in Philadelphia or France.
* Moses - A former slave from West Africa. Moses looks after Sarah and James when Ben is away and works on the printing press. He believes the values behind the American Revolution will help to set his people free as well.

The series uses animation and dramatic storytelling to introduce young viewers to the principles that incited the American Revolution. Values such as liberty, patriotism, and tolerance are depicted in entertaining ways that define for young viewers what it means to be an American.

Liberty's Kids airs every weekday on GPTV at 6:30 AM. Ask your media specialist to record this series each day so you can share it with the school-aged historians in your classroom. Riverdeep and DIC Entertainment have developed special Liberty's Kids software designed to immerse children in the adventures of Sarah and James as they explore the American Revolution. For more information about ordering this software, visit and search for Liberty's Kids.