Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Cobb County Spreads Alcohol and Drug Awareness to Georgia Middle Schoolers

Since 1998, the judges of the Cobb State Court have sponsored the Cobb County Alcohol/Drug Awareness Conferences for middle and high school students. These conferences, developed by Frank Baker, Chief Probation Officer for the Cobb County State Court, were originally intended to educate all students in Cobb County Schools about the consequences of using drugs and alcohol. Today these conferences are broadcast statewide through PeachStar in order to spread the word about drug and alcohol abuse to every student in Georgia.

This year's middle school conference will be hosted by Acworth's Durham Middle School on October 25, 2002. The conference, which will air live on PeachStar's channel 430, communicates the important message of alcohol and drug awareness in several formats including:

* Keynote Speakers - This year's speakers will be Dave Goerlitz, the former "Winston Man," and Harriet Turk, a former probation officer and national safety consultant. They will discuss the dangers of tobacco use as well as some of the legal consequences for drug and alcohol use.
* Inmate Forum - This part of the program will feature inmates currently serving drug or alcohol related sentences. Students statewide may ask questions of the prisoners via email at www.cobbcounty.org/adad.
* Legal Forum - This roundtable discussion will feature various members of the criminal justice system as they discuss the legal implications of drug and alcohol use.
* Super's Corner - This straightforward discussion with Cobb County Superintendent Joseph Redden will address prevention issues in schools today.
* Inhalant Video Forum - A short video on the dangers of inhalants will be followed by a roundtable discussion.
* Public Safety Exhibits - Exhibits such as DARE vehicles, D.U.I. Task Force vehicles, and other public safety equipment will demonstrate the importance of alcohol and drug prevention to the community at large.
* Regional Panel Discussion - For the first time this year, a regional forum including students from the metro Atlanta area will participate in the conference from the Georgia Public Broadcasting Studios.
* Campus Drug Dog Presentation - One of the Cobb County Police Department drug dogs will demonstrate how the K-9 unit assists with drug prevention in schools.

Be sure to tune into this special live presentation with your class on Channel 430 from 9 AM until 2 PM on October 25 and use this opportunity to address the important issue of drug and alcohol abuse with your students.