Friday, September 6, 2002

Reading Rainbow Commemorates September 11

As the anniversary of the events September 11 comes nearer, PBS and Reading Rainbow recognize the need of America's children to explore the feelings and thoughts they have about this tragedy in our nation's history. In order to assist these young people as they approach this subject, Reading Rainbow has developed six touching and timely episodes that address the issues brought about by September 11.

"The Tin Forest"
Centering around The Tin Forest, by Helen Ward, this episode features LeVar Burton spending time with the children of an elementary school just blocks away from Ground Zero. They offer insight on how they have coped with the tragedy and offer their gratitude to those who have helped them rebuild their lives.

Centering around Max, by Bob Graham, this episode features LeVar Burton reflecting on heroes like firefighters and seeking to understand what inspires them. Songs and scenes from a real-life animal rescue remind young viewers that many different people are heroes everyday.

"Enemy Pie"
Centering around Enemy Pie, by Derek Munson, this episode features LeVar Burton talking with children about how they make friendships work. Children discuss the trials and hard work that go along with being a good friend.

"Our Big Home: An Earth Poem"
Centering around Our Big Home: An Earth Poem, by Linda Glaser, this episode features LeVar Burton as he visits the United Nations and discovers how the member countries come together to work out their problems. He also talks with Craig Kielburger, 2002 Nobel Peace Prize nominee, about how he thinks children can change the world for the better.

"My America: A Poetry Atlas of the United States"
Centering around My America: A Poetry Atlas of the United States, compiled by Lee Bennett Hopkins, this episode features LeVar and a group of children as they share stories about their part of the country and explore America's beauty and diversity.

"Badger's Parting Gift"
Centering around Badger's Parting Gift, by Susan Varley, this episode features LeVar Burton sharing his memories and feelings about his late grandmother. Young children also share artwork they have creative in honor of loved ones they have lost.

PeachStar will be airing these programs on Channel 410 in September in order to help Georgia students to deal with last year's tragic events. Check the PeachStar website under News for broadcast dates and times.