Friday, September 6, 2002

Fatal Addiction: Addressing Teenage Tobacco Use

Red Ribbon Week, part of a national campaign anti-drug and alcohol education and awareness, will be held from October 23-25. As part of the Red Ribbon Week observance, PeachStar will be airing Fatal Addiction: Tobacco's Deadly Grasp. This 30-minute program, developed by Georgia's Children and Youth Coordinating Council (CYCC), examines the emotional toll tobacco-related illness takes on families across America. The CYCC, the agency responsible for developing community programs for delinquent and at-risk youth, also bring you the following programs which can be seen on PeachStar: Multiple Choice, Ultimate Choice, Driving Ambition, and The Parenting Principle.

According to Fatal Addiction, tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of death in the United States with more than 400,000 tobacco-related deaths each year. One of the goals of this video is to spread awareness and to outline community and government responses to the crisis of teenage tobacco use.

Please record this compelling video and use it to generate class discussion about the important issue of tobacco abuse. Fatal Addiction: Tobacco's Deadly Grasp will air on PeachStar's Channel 420 on the following dates and times:

* Tues., 10/01 2:30 AM;
* Tues., 10/08 at 1:30 AM; and
* Tuesday, 10/15 at 3:30 AM