Wednesday, November 7, 2001

TeacherSource: Resources at Your Fingertips

Everyone knows that PBS produces and broadcasts fine educational programming. Few, though, know about the great teacher resource available in the form of the PBS website. In addition to program information, pbskids, and Adult Learning Service resources, the PBS website offers TeacherSource, a site devoted entirely to the needs of educators.

TeacherSource offers lesson plans, online games, experiments, teaching strategies, primary sources, video archives, and photographs to address the needs of the following subject areas:

* Arts and Literature
* Health and Fitness
* Math
* Science and Technology
* Social Studies
* Early Childhood

Additionally, the website offers downloadable PDF files of student activities and answers. You can search the lesson plans by grade level and subject area; best of all, these lesson plans meet general and specific classroom needs even without the video components offered by PBS programming. Visit today to find out more about what TeacherSource has to offer your classroom.