Thursday, November 1, 2001

Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Educators:

As we approach the Thanksgiving season, I want to take a moment to urge each of you to spend some time with your students sharing and giving thanks. Thanksgiving 2001, in the wake of the tragic events that befell our great nation in September, is an especially important opportunity for all Americans to reevaluate our lives and rediscover the joy of living. Over the last two months, Americans have put aside our differences and come together in a great show of solidarity and support for the victims and their families. One of the many things I am thankful for this year is our ability as Americans to bravely face adversity and unite under a common will to live free.

One of the most important and difficult tasks you face as educators is the responsibility of helping your students to cope with the ups and downs of living in a world where every moment holds the possibility of breaking news. Your ability to transform adversity into an opportunity for learning and growth is what will make you stand out in the eyes of your students during this difficult period of recovery. You may want to consider the theme packet on Patriotism PeachStar will be airing for use in your classroom to help address this difficult topic; see notice on page X for details.

All of us here at Georgia Public Broadcasting hope that you will make the most of the upcoming holiday season by infusing your classroom with the spirit of Thanksgiving and encouraging your students to appreciate all of the gifts that life has to offer.

Warm regards,

James M. Lyle,
Executive Director