Wednesday, March 7, 2001

PBS Kids Ready To Learn at GPB

PBS KIDS Ready to Learn created especially for families and child care providers - helps those who care for young children encourage a child's natural curiosity and love of learning.

Ready to Learn combines television designed to teach with community outreach and innovative educational materials. This exciting blend of television services builds on wonderful PBS programs families know and trust - such as Sesame Street, Mister Rogers Neighborhood and Reading Rainbow through

* A daily broadcast of 6.5 hours of quality children's educational television per day on Georgia Public Television;
* Breaks between the shows to deliver non-commercial, educational messages to help young people build the skills they need to become successful learners;
* Educational outreach, such as workshops and newsletters throughout the State of Georgia;
* Partnerships with national and local community organizations such as child care centers, schools, colleges, libraries, resource and referral agencies, family childcare organizations, and governmental agencies.

Together, these resources help families, teachers and caregivers across the state use public television to help meet the national education goal that all children will begin school "Ready to Learn."

What's on GPTV Ready to Learn Programming

GPTV is television parents trust, and quality children s programming is at the heart of Ready to Learn. Each day, PBS offers a great variety of award-winning television for children ages 2-12. Each show on GPTV is built around a curriculum ? TV that entertains and teaches, too!

Ready to Learn Outreach

We develop and deliver local workshops, special events, curriculum guides and newsletters to take the learning from the TV set into homes, family child care settings, schools, after-school programs and child care centers. Ready to Learn teaches families and caregivers how to get the most from the TV they watch.

In collaboration with community partners, GPTV distributes high-quality children's books each month to families and early childhood organizations who might not otherwise have access to them, enabling them to build a library of selected children's literature.

For further information about Ready to Learn, contact:
Kathy McCollister
Ready to Learn Coordinator