Wednesday, March 7, 2001

The Fourth Year of ICLE at GPB

PeachStar Education Services once again is producing and broadcasting continuing education seminars for the Institute for Continuing Legal Education (ICLE) in Georgia. The PeachStar/ICLE partnership began in 1996. This partnership allows ICLE to provide the State Bar of Georgia required courses over a statewide satellite link. Since its inception, more than 5,000 Bar members have attended this distance-learning program. By using the teleconference format, all participants receive the same information simultaneously. Participants can phone in questions to the presenters and receive answers on air during the program. This type of interaction between presenter and participants is vital to engaging the attendees and providing them with a useful experience.

When ICLE changed to the teleconference format, they chose 31 sites around Georgia to host participants. This is a significant increase over the old style conference offered at only a few of the larger cities around the state. ICLE selected these sites so that no Bar member would travel more than 30 minutes to participate in the training. Because of the close proximity of the sites, participants in rural areas receive training with minimal time away from their practices, which means less lost revenue.

In addition to the satellite-based conference, ICLE contracted with Georgia Net to provide conference web casting beginning in January 2001. PeachStar provides the satellite signal to Georgia Net which then broadcasts the proceeding electronically over the Internet. With this new format, ICLE will reach even more participants, and further decrease time away from the office for attorneys.

PeachStar provides similar services to governmental and business groups. If your school or agency is interested in learning more about how PeachStar can serve your distance learning needs, please call us at (404) 685-2550.