Wednesday, March 1, 2000

News Flash! The GALAXY Classroom is Now Online!

Beginning immediately the GALAXY Classroom Web Site is available to expand teacher support and offer new dimensions for student learning. Through the web site GALAXY Classroom hopes to provide an expanded gateway to the world of teaching and learning. Now participating in GALAXY is a great reason to be on the web. Special areas have been set up for teachers as well as students. In the teacher area you will have access to literature connections, additional hands-on investigations to enhance your classroom inquiries, newsletters and monthly calendars, and direct access to GALAXY curriculum staff via e-mail. In addition, you can register to be a part of the GALAXY teacher listserv, which makes communicating with teachers throughout North America as easy as sending an electronic letter!

In the student areas students will find scores of opportunities to expand their investigations. A separate area is set up for each curriculum. Your students will have access to the characters on the programs through "fan e-mail." Even parents will find take-home investigations that relate to what their children are doing in their GALAXY Classrooms at school. Student work from all over North America is posted on the site, providing an exciting opportunity for students to see their work as well as the responses from their peers all over the GALAXY.

To enter the web sites you will need the user names and passwords listed below. Log on and see for yourself how dynamic the GALAXY web site is:

user name: galaxy
password: learn

S.N.O.O.P.S. -- 5th grade science
user name: galaxy
password: weird

The House -- 4th grade language arts
user name: galaxy
password: read

Fixer Uppers -- 2nd grade science
user name: galaxy
password: whatif

Finders Seekers -- kindergarten and 1st grade science
user name: galaxy
password: science

Visit the GALAXY Classroom web site and get GALAXY information delivered directly to your desktop.