Wednesday, January 12, 2000

In Perpetuity Programming

For the past two years, PeachStar has been acquiring programming that Georgia schools may record and keep in perpetuity - that is, you may keep a copy in your school library and check it out to teachers, parents and students forever. Some of the series were either produced or bought by PeachStar and are permanent additions to our collection. Those are always available to you to tape, keep and use for as long as you wish. Other series we are leasing for a certain period of time. Schools may use these leased series in perpetuity too, but only if they are taped from PeachStar before the end of the period covered under the lease agreement. Below you will find a list of series that schools may tape from PeachStar and keep in perpetuity. Those that are being leased are so designated. The leased programs will not be aired by PeachStar after May 31, 2000, so be sure to tape them before that date.

If there is other programming you would like to add to your in perpetuity collection, let us know and we will contact the producers or distributers to see if that is possible.

Marketplace: Explaining the Stock Market
Gr 9-12, 1 Program (Lease)

Money Maze
Gr 6-12, 12 Programs

Foreign Language
Gr K-3, 42 Programs

Ultimate Choice
Gr 6-12, 1 Program

Driving Ambition
Gr 9-12, 1 Program

Multiple Choice
Gr 9-12, 1 Program

The Parenting Principle
Gr 9-Adult, 1 Program

The Great American Christmas Tree
Gr K-12, 1 Program (Lease)

American History Collection
Gr 3-8, 4 Programs (Lease)

The People's House
Gr 3-12, 1 Program

"We the People": The Story of the Constitution
Gr 4-8, 1 Program (Lease)

Georgia Stories I & II
Gr 4 -12, 37 Programs

The Declaration of Independence
Gr 5-8, 1 Program

The New England Colonists: Pilgrims & Puritans
Gr 5-8, 1 Program

The American Civil War
Gr 5-9, 4 Programs

George Washington Carver
Gr 5-12, 1 Program

The American Revolution
Gr 6-12, 1 Program (Lease)

America's Westward Expansion
Gr 6-12, 1 Program (Lease)

A More Perfect Union: The Three Branches of the Federal Government
Gr 6-12, 3 Programs (Lease)

We Shall Overcome: A History of the Civil Rights Movement
Gr 6-12, 1 Program (Lease)

Colonizing The American West
Gr 7-12, 1 Program

Great Black Innovators
Gr 7-12, 1 Program

Electing A President
Gr 8-12, 1 Program (Lease)

The Holocaust: A Teenager's Experience
Gr 9-12, 1 Program

Reading the Newspaper Intelligently
Gr 8-12, 1 Program (Lease)

Language Arts
Favorite Author Collection
Gr 3-8, 5 Programs (Lease)

Famous Authors
Gr 9-12, 10 Programs (Lease)

Count On It!
Gr K-3, 20 Programs

Coastal Naturalist I & II
Gr 5-12, 10 Programs